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Saturday, December 27, 2003



and for the few real Mormons out there...


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Thursday, December 25, 2003


Summertime is here and it is time to be grateful.


The staff at CainSnake would like to thank Doug Kenline for reaching 20,000 visitors.

This is no small accomplishment.

Doug is the most avid blogger on earth.

He is being harrassed by the IRS, yet he just keeps ticking like a terrorist bomb.

He received the Almond Award in 2002, yet is modest enough to not boast about it.

He lost four sons in the Northridge Earthquake, and so has moved from California to Atlanta, Georgia. He hosts a Global radio show and has twice refused to be bought out by Rupert Murdoch.

Doug is loved and hated by many.

His latest foe is Allen Hacker, a man who actually believes that truth can have an effect upon others.

On this beautiful summer afternoon, I lift my hat to Mr. Kenline.

20,000 visitors, and not one wiped their feet.

Best wishes on your next 20,000 Mr. Kenline. I salute you.

Most Sincerely,

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003




The Endless Christmas Day

by Joseph Almond

When Christmas arrived in 1776, a few Americans gave us the
first installment of a gift we have all but lost.

After the makeshift American army under George Washington's
command ousted the redcoats from Boston in early 1776, the
British moved to New York City, where they launched an
invasion in August. Washington met them head-on and
suffered devastating defeats, and survived only by heading
the other way.

By the time he escaped across the Delaware River into Bucks
County, Pennsylvania, the General had only 3,000 of his
original 20,000 troops. Congress, seeing the army in
retreat only 12 miles from where they sat, gave Washington
dictatorial powers and escaped to Baltimore, 110 miles to
the south.

With winter moving in, Washington set up headquarters on
the west side of the Delaware. British commander William
Howe made plans to go into winter quarters in New York,
leaving his men spread over numerous New Jersey outposts,
ready to march at a moment's notice. He admitted, though,
that the chain of outposts was too extensive.

Lord Charles Cornwallis, Howe's field commander, decided to
garrison the outposts with Hessian mercenaries and send the
British troops back to New York. He left command of New
Jersey in the hands of the cocky and thoroughly mediocre
General James Grant.

In the 100-house village of Trenton, the outpost closest to
Washington, the 1,600 Hessians were under command of
Colonel Johann Gottlieb Rall, a hard-drinking gambler whose
troops had a reputation for plunder and rape. Once
encamped, they proceeded to earn their reputation. Hessian
brutality swung many New Jersey neutrals to the American

Making excellent use of spies, Washington led the British
to believe his condition was completely hopeless. Thus,
when Rall complained to General Grant that his position was
too much exposed, Grant dismissed it as ludicrous, since
Washington's troops were in rags and starving. Besides,
after December 31 Washington would not even have an army,
since the term of service would expire for most of his men.

Knowing he needed a victory to keep the American cause
alive, Washington decided to attack Trenton while the
Hessians slept off the effects of their Christmas
celebration. On a scrap of paper he scribbled "Victory or
Death," the watchword for the attack.

Earlier that month Tom Paine had written a new essay that
Washington ordered read to his troops on Christmas Day. As
the men prepared to cross the Delaware with a winter storm
kicking up, officers addressed their troops, reading from
Paine's pamphlet, the American Crisis. "These are the
times that try men's souls," it began. The men had no
trouble agreeing.

Washington's crossing at McKonkey's Ferry was part of a
four-pronged assault on Trenton. A detachment under James
Ewing was to cross closer to Trenton to cut off a possible
enemy escape over the bridge leading out of town; John
Cadwalader's troops were to cross further downstream to
distract the Hessians garrisoned at Bordentown, while
Israel Putnam was to lead a contingent of militia from
Philadelphia into New Jersey as another distraction. But
none of them made it. Putnams's troops didn't march, Ewing
couldn't get his men across, and Cadwalader could get his
men over but not the artillery -- the ice floes proved

Washington, fortunately, had John Glover and the Fourteenth
Continental, a unit composed of rugged and well-disciplined
fishermen from Marblehead, Massachusetts. They had already
pulled the General out of a jam back in August, on Long
Island, where they rowed the American army out of Howe's
grasp under cover of darkness and fog.

To ferry about 2,400 men to the New Jersey side of the
Delaware, a distance of roughly a thousand feet, Glover
used big, black Durham boats, which ranged in length from
forty to sixty feet. A small company called the Durham
Iron Works had begun building the boats in 1757 for
transporting ore, pig iron, grain, whiskey, and produce
from upcountry down the Delaware rapids into Philadelphia.
After disgorging their cargo, the crew of six would load up
with manufactured goods and pole the boats back upstream.

Looking like big canoes with slightly pointed ends, the
boats had an eight-foot beam and a light draft. Even when
fully loaded they drew only twenty-four to thirty inches,
which meant they could get close enough to shore for the
troops to wade the rest of the way.

The heavily laden boats began pushing off from McKonkey's
Ferry around two in the afternoon on Christmas Day. The
surging Delaware current sent chunks of ice at them like
"white torpedoes," smashing the sides of the craft and
snarling their progress. Snow, wind, and darkness
compounded Glover's difficulties.

Meanwhile, in Trenton, Rall had eaten a hearty meal and
retired for a game of cards with a few of his aides and his
host, a man named Abraham Hunt. Shortly after midnight a
shivering Loyalist from Pennsylvania showed up at Hunt's
door with a written message, handing it to a servant. Rall
refused to be disturbed and tucked the note into his
waistcoat pocket without reading it.

By 3:00 a.m. Glover's Fourteenth had ferried men, horses,
and artillery across the river. It took another hour to
round up the troops and begin the nine-mile march to
Trenton along River Road. Washington, from his tall
chestnut horse, urged his men to keep moving and stay with
their officers. Two men stopped to rest -- and froze to

When they arrived at Trenton at 8:00 a.m. the General gave
the order to storm the town. As the men fell upon the
enemy, many of them shouted, "This is the time to try men's
souls!" With their muskets' priming pans soaked from
the snowstorm, the Americans relied on the bayonet and
artillery to roust the Hessians out of the houses.

Sodden from the previous night's celebrations, Hessians
threw on their coats and tried to form ranks in the
streets. As they stumbled about, Henry Knox's six-pounders
cut them down from the high end of Trenton's two main

Rall finally broke from the Hunt house, jumped on his horse
and galloped toward his regiment, which was being showered
with grapeshot. "Lord, Lord, what is it, what is it?" he
cried out repeatedly. His world had become a swirl of
snow, shouts, smoke, and explosions. As he tried
desperately to organize a bayonet charge, he was shot twice
and fell from his horse. While the battle raged on, two
soldiers assisted him into a Methodist Church, where, in
his final moments, he read the note tucked in his pocket:
the American army was marching on Trenton.

Minutes later the Hessians surrendered. The Americans had
suffered four casualties to the enemy's 25-30 killed and
about 80 wounded.

It took Washington twelve hours to recross the Delaware
with captured weapons, supplies, and over 900 prisoners.
When the Continental troops finally collapsed into their
tents, they had gone forty-eight hours without food, almost
as long without sleep, and had marched twenty-five miles in
freezing weather.

They also won a critical victory for independence. While
no war is good, defensive wars are sometimes necessary. Our
forefathers knew this. That's why some of them went
marching, 227 years ago.

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Sunday, November 30, 2003


Online suicide: January 1, 2004



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Saturday, November 29, 2003





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Friday, November 28, 2003


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Allen Hacker is a hero.

His blog is a fount of truth and wisdom.



Let the war begin. Pity the Beast.

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If you are still filing tax returns...pull your head out of the sand:

Subj: Thou Shalt Not Disagree
Date: 11/20/03 10:46:36 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: larken@taxableincome.net
To: jalmond2000@cs.com

Dear Subscriber,

There are a zillion individual battles going on against the IRS and its
misapplication of the law, and I hesitate to suggest that people focus too
much on individual battles, because I think it usually takes resources away
from the overall fight to end the fraud. Individual battles, even the
totally justified ones, rarely have a real bearing on my ultimate goal:
ending the fraud entirely. Because of that, I don't usually even mention
them. However, today I will make an exception, because of the nature of the

As many of you know, Joseph Banister is a CPA and former Special Agent
(Criminal Investigation Division) for the IRS. To jump to the point, Mr.
Banister now knows of the "income tax" fraud, and speaks out about it. You
can learn all about his situation at:


The IRS is now trying to PROHIBIT Mr. Banister from practicing as a CPA
before the IRS. Why? Because he argues things that the IRS doesn't like to
deal with, including the 861 evidence. Here is more about that:


Forget specific procedures and rules for a second, and consider how strange
that is. If you are going to argue something the government doesn't like,
they want to PROHIBIT you from even being able to show up to argue it. "If
you want to play our game, and contest anything in our system, you have to
ALREADY agree with us." That's a nice fascist method of doing away with ALL
due process. It's bad enough to have lawyers licensed, so that (in some
cases, at least) you need the government's PERMISSION to argue with it. But
the government is all too eager to REVOKE the "permission" of CREDENTIALLED,
qualified people, if they bring up something that the government doesn't
want to talk about.

The basis for the IRS' attempt to censor and punish Mr. Banister is largely
because he brought up the 861 evidence, which sort of resembles arguments
that NON-BINDING and provably flawed Tax Court rulings asserted were
"frivolous." So the chain of events goes like this:

"The regulations under 861 say that..."
"That's frivolous."
"We don't have to say why. It just is."
"But the regulations clearly say..."
"The guy before me said it was frivolous, so I'll just quote him."
"But if the regulations say..."
"Sorry, but you're not allowed to talk to us anymore, because you said
something that a bureaucrat declared to be frivolous."

The IRS is following the King George school of due process.

Anyway, I liked the motion filed on behalf of Mr. Banister, which can be
found here:


Whether Mr. Banister wins this or not, the fraud will still fall. However,
it would be nice to let the feds know that they can't pull off this fascist
lunacy without a little resistance, so if anyone wants to donate to Mr.
Banister's efforts, or better yet, appear at the hearing where it will be
decided whether he is censored or not, the web site above will tell you how.
This link shows where and when the hearing will be held:


(Yes, they're holding it on a Coast Guard base on an island, which sounds
pretty bizarre to me.)

It might be good to let the feds know that we are watching, and that they
can't pull off this dissent-crushing garbage without us noticing.


Larken Rose

To subscribe, send a blank message to T-I-updates-on@mail-list.com
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Saturday, November 15, 2003



Something frightful but true.

It's about a man and his plan.

The man is now dead. His plan is still very much alive.

You should tell others.
- - -

Stephen Van Rensselaer. Do you know who he was? Do you know what his 'values' were? Do you know why he left his vast fortune to a single Institution?

Well, perhaps not. They don't teach of him in most schools.

There is next to nothing about him on the Internet now.

And for good reason.

He was an evil man. Greedy. Rich. He forced people to do what they didn't want to do.

Mr. Rensselaer was a "one-man IRS." Literally. He had a plan for human servitude. He believed that science held the key to a perfect bondage for mankind.

Oppressing his contemporaries was not enough.

But when he died, (1839), the people he had oppressed didn't want his descendants to be able to continue his form of white oppression.

It was called "Patroonry."

That's a funny word, isn't it?

But it was an awful practice.

It declared that others must give him a portion of their harvest, (14 bushels of wheat per 100 acres), and also work a full day (for free), once a year, giving the service to Mr. Rensselaer. They each had to deliver to his Manor chefs a fowl, once a year.

As I said, in that Valley, he was like a one-man IRS.

And so, when he died, they wanted the terrible, unfair practice of 'Patroonry' to cease.

The people didn't like Patroonry. They so hated it that when the Rensselaer son came to collect, they became very angry. They had already talked mush among themselves, also communicated with others. Then they worked up the will...and they just did it: One day, they REBELLED!

They even drafted a document that stated clearly their firm decision. They did this, because then their hard won freedom would never be forgotten.

They thought wrong. Years cover up accurate history.

Then the publishers of textbooks move in.

Have you ever heard of Stephen Van Rensselaer?

Have you ever been taught what the "Libertymen's Declaration of Independence" proclaims?

I'm sorry, I just now got ahead of myself...

"The Libertymen's Declaration of Independence." was the thing they wrote while they were incensed

Their document ruined it for the wealthy patron Manors of the Hudson Valley.

They were free thereafter, and no longer did anyone have to pay "rent" to others in order to dwell on their own land.

Years later, when the generations grew old and died, something again sprung up.


In 1913, a group of men who were well-versed in Patroonry's history, (for they were rich, and they had many old books), decided to reinstate the practice. They used the law. They passed an Amendment to the Constitution, and then started taking money from the wealthy only, at first.

They began by "taxing" the income of the rich, but by just a very small fraction. This was a sophisticated ploy, that would evolve gradually. It would one day rob an entire nation.

A generation later, the Income Tax was made, by obfuscation, to "tax" the average working man.

Just a small amount at first, so there would not be another rebellion. They didn't want another document that would erase this new form of Patroonry, known as "taxes."

And their careful plan worked. There was no real rebellion, for the take was so small.

Then a war came. And then another...and yet still another. These wars were a perfect opportunity to raise the percentage of taxes collected from 'Joe Sixpack.'

Some people grumbled, but most just went along with it, for they were unaware of how wonderful true freedom really was.


So today we have been conditioned to accept patroonry completely.

That is, we hand over to the elite what they want, for fear that if we didn't, we would be treated like

Doug Kenline


Bill Lear


Larken Rose


Bob Schulz


Dick Simkanin.

We obey the will of the powerful, so we can continue to live without the prison bars.

If a single person put another in a cage, unless obedience were his, we'd call him a psychopath.

What do you call the same methodology when an large, organized network threatens EVERYONE with being locked up in a cage, if they don't obey the will of the few?

I would call it a Mafia. A racketeering system run by conspirators.

Just like Irwin Schiff called it in his book, "The Federal Mafia."

Another man, Larken Rose, comprehends this gigantic 'shakedown' for what it really is. He researched how it started, and where it is now. He made a video, called "Theft By Deception."

I ordered one in July of 2002 and watched it. It so horrified me that I ordered 50 more copies.

I passed them out to others. To my neighbors, friends and business contacts.

Now, I recognize that I'm a funny fellow, unlike most Americans. When I see something that really sucks, I do my best to warn others.

Most Americans treat life like a television commercial. They just watch, then wait for the next set of images to come to their eyes.

Well, that's all fine and good except for something I learned last week.

I learned that the folks that gave us the Income Tax now are joining forces with the research scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The military has merged in vision with the industrialists. And these two giants have met with Science, and here is what I found.

By using Nanotechnology, new minute inventions will soon be ready to inject into the human body tracking modules.

Every person who is injected will be able to be scanned and identified. Their movements, purchases, communications and contact with others will all be captured by 220 satellites and ground sensor units.

A centralized database will then be able to collate and examine such data for "patterns" that could be like unto a terrorist.

A terrorist will be defined as, (after the mass injections) "any who seek to thwart the goal of the Global Governance."

Do you think we are 50 years away from such a situation?

We aren't.

By 2006 this program will be ready to start.

Newborn babies will be recipients of the Verichip, unbeknownst to their parents. School teachers will then be required to be thus injected. Then students at all levels. Then Firefighters, Police, Prisoners and Legislators.

Yes, Legislators.

This is so that (as they'll claim) there'll be no more crime, terrorism or injustice.


This system of monitoring individual human beings will make it so that there can be no effectual resistance to what comes next.

What comes next will be a push to eliminate all privately held firearms.

This will occur suddenly. Thanks to the VeriChip and the Global tracking, and the DARPA database, people will surrender their "right" to defend themselves.

They will then transfer this responsibility on to government. Centralized government.

Just as they transferred the various other individual responsibilities to government in the latter half of the 20th Century.

Thereafter, all care and compassion will be in the domain of bureaucracy.

Now, this would be Utopia if men were angels. If men loved their fellow man, and honored them, and assisted them and trusted them, then this new enormous system would be splendidly perfect.

But there is (in reality) just one problem.

Men are not nice to men.

Men compete. Men hurt others. Men cause others to fail and be miserable and to regret.

Therefore, men should not be entrusted with such awesome blanket powers.

For if they are centralized, no screams are responded to.

And where no screams are responded to...that is Hell.

Caring about something that matters is what makes life better.

Not caring leads toward Hell.

Because I care about you, and your children, I have begun this website. It exists to show you how selfish some people can be.

How cruel.

How brazen.

How evil.

And I started it to reveal to you what is planned for all of us.

Do I think you will respond to what I have just warned you about?


You are modern Americans. Too distracted. Too busy.

You care more about the next meal than your next 20 years.

That's why you are overweight. That is why you drink. That is why you lie, cheat, steal and hide your imperfections.

You want others to respect you.

Well, let me tell you one last thing before you ignore this blog.

There is only one way for you to enjoy the respect of others. Now and forever.

It's by doing what the Founding Fathers did back in 1776.

They were told by Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry, (men with foresight), that a storm was broiling ahead, and that if the colonists didn't fight it, then they would reap slavery. Human slavery.

The colonists considered the facts and a sufficient number reacted and won the battles, which gave us a new nation. One wherein the individual was left alone to prosper or to fail, according to his or her own personal will.

It was called America.

This America faces another challenge now.

It is not from Arab terrorists.

It is from American servants...called politicians.

These public servants have provided massive funding to Rensselaer and Princeton and Stanford and other laboratories.

These labs are competing with each other to create, quickly, the tyrant's Dream...the chip that will influence individual behavior.

Nanotechnology is something so complex and astounding. It must be cared about by you, and others, who are not scientists.

To ignore this now will be worse than ignoring any thing else.

I write to the responsible few.

I ask that you read about DARPA, the VeriChip, The Patriot Act and especially about the work that is being performed each day in the secured walls of the secretive Universities and Colleges.

Remember, we are only a few years away.

It has all been meticulously planned.

Global Citizen Day will be just the beginning.

The world will be controlled completely if you don't care.

This, I know.

That's all I have to say now.

I will post a few things that will be helpful for you to witness the threat.

Then it's up to you.

I'm going to disappear, over the next hill.

I wish you well.

Good bye.

- - -
John Galt, Jr.
- - -

CUT and paste...




- - -



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The blog that salutes.
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Golfer Bitten in Head by Rattlesnake

SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) - When Roy Williamson hit a tee shot off the fairway, the lie turned out to be much rougher than he thought.

Williamson, 60, was bitten in the head by a rattlesnake when he went to retrieve his ball from some wetlands.

"I saw my ball pretty much in plain view,'' Williamson said Thursday, a week after the encounter. ``Unfortunately, it was being tended to by a rattlesnake that I didn't see.''

He said he picked up the ball and felt something scratch at his right temple as he stood up, slapping at what he thought was a briar. He saw blood - and then the rattler, ``a good 6{ or 7 feet long.''

The men Williamson was playing with - his son, brother and brother-in-law - came running in response to his screams. He remembers reaching the clubhouse, but the next thing he knew, it was three days later.

Doctors determined that the snake bit him twice, and the venom quickly spread throughout his body.

Alan Cale, general manager of Henderson Golf Club, said his employees roped off the area and posted warning signs. Professional snake handlers were called to assist in rounding up any snakes at the course.

"It's an unfortunate accident, but on a golf course - out in nature - you're going to have wildlife,'' Cale said.

Scott Courdin, wildlife curator at Georgia Southern University, said golf courses can be deceptive because they are so well kept.

"Golf courses may be in the middle of a neighborhood or surrounded by development, but that doesn't mean there's not going to be snakes there,'' Courdin said.

He said rattlers, water moccasins, copperheads and coral snakes are plentiful in Georgia.

Williamson said he will play golf again but will be much more careful.

"If I go out now and hit a ball off of the fairway in any fashion or form, I will not go after it,'' he said.

- - -
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Friday, November 14, 2003


The blog that promotes Global Citizen
Time to chip your newborns, before your neighbors.

Obey the law. No one is above the law.

Spport legislators who support Global Peace, human implants (VeriChip) and The Network for Good.


War in Iraq forever!

Support all government agendas.
- - -
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The blog that rigs elections.

Get your absentee ballots for the upcoming Atlanta write-in vote fraud.



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The blog that prays.


Shevardnadze warns against sparking civil war
Associated Press

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Tbilisi — A crowd of 15,000 people marched to President Eduard Shevardnadze's office in Georgia's capital Friday, demanding his resignation and ignoring his warnings that further protests could spark a civil war.

Angered by the alleged rigging of the Nov. 2 parliamentary elections, protesters began moving down the capital's main avenue toward the presidential office, chanting “go away, go away.”

Mr. Shevardnadze refused opposition calls for him to appear at the rally to respond to their demands he resign and annul parliamentary election results. He says he will not step down and has offered to meet with the opposition.

“The present situation of civil confrontation may develop into a civil war,” Mr. Shevardnadze said on state TV, several hours before the rally.

“If the leaders of this action believe that the protesters will behave as they want them to, then they are mistaken,” he said. “Some people will be drunk, some people will act as provocateurs, and irreparable things may happen.”

Opposition leader Mikhail Saakashvili, the most fiery of the three opposition figures at the centre of the protests, exhorted the crowd to stay peaceful.

“Let's not give ground or provocation,” said Mr. Saakashvili, remaining firm in his vehement denunciations of Shevardnadze.

“Our President is a coward; he failed to meet our request,” he said.

Opponents charge Mr. Shevardnadze with failing to crack down on corruption or fix Georgia's economic problems. The anger has been fuelled by allegations of widespread fraud during the elections.

Election results, still incomplete, show the pro-government bloc For a New Georgia in the lead, followed by the opposition Revival party, which tends to support the government on key issues, and the more radical National Movement. Official results are scheduled to be announced next week.

Demonstrators, ranging for several hundred to several thousand, have gathered outside the Georgian parliament all week.

Mr. Shevardnadze and some opposition leaders have said they are ready for dialogue, but after a fruitless meeting Sunday they have not come together. The opposition leaders have repeatedly stated their commitment to achieving their goals peacefully

Before the rally Friday, Mr. Shevardnadze reiterated his readiness to talk.

“I am ready to continue dialogue with the opposition leaders. It's possible to negotiate with Burdzhanadze and Zhvaniya,” he said, referring to current parliamentary speaker Nino Burdzhanadze and her predecessor, Zurab Zhvaniya, who are among the opposition leaders. “I am even ready to talk with their 'commander in chief,' Saakashvili.”

He said he would do everything to avoid civil war.

“As long as I am President, a legally elected president, I won't allow the nation to split and civil war to break out, although the real danger of this exists,” Mr. Shevardnadze said.

He also said that it would be “irresponsible” for him to step down at this point before parliament convened.

“I can only say one thing: I'll never follow the fate of either Milosevic or Ceausescu,” Mr. Shevardnadze said.

Nicolae Ceausescu, the Communist dictator of Romania, was overthrown and executed by firing squad. Former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic is currently being tried by the UN war crimes tribunal.

Georgia is one of the most Western-leaning of the former Soviet republics and occupies a strategic position on Russia's southern flank and about 300 kilometres north of Iran.
- - -



The blog that goes Pssst....

Subj: Editorial from Jail: Rick Stanley
Date: 11/14/03 2:33:11 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: webmaster@stanley2002.org
To: webmaster@stanley2002.org
File: message.html (16857 bytes) DL Time (TCP/IP): < 1 minute
Received from Internet: click here for more information

November 14, 2003

Rick Stanley
Constitutional Activist
Phone: 303-329-0481
Email: webmaster@stanley2002.org

Stanley Scoop 11/14/03 ** Special Edition **
** Visit the website: http://www.stanley2002.org **
** Scoop Archive: http://www.stanley2002.org/scoop **
** Like the Scoop? Forward it to everyone you know! **

Subject: Editorial from Jail: Rick Stanley

America's Symbolic Speech

Our Country's history, is rich with examples of symbolic speech, from fiery men
who had principles, integrity, honor, and strength of character. Today, as in
the time of our forefathers, symbolic speech is once again persecuted by the
government powers, once again jailing those who would dare to challenge the
authority of men, acting under the "COLOR OF LAW", abusing the God given rights
of Americans.

The Constitution of America was written by men such as the first mentioned
group, not the second, those who would destroy this time honored document. The
Constitution was born from the Declaration of Independence, after Americans had
enough of the usurpation and abuse of power, from the government of the day, and
as Jefferson quoted, "From time to time, the tree of liberty must be watered
with the blood of tyrants and patriots". These patriots were willing to demand
their God given rights of freedom, self defense, and the fruits of their labor:
wages and property. This Constitution was the culmination of efforts, by those
Patriots, to forever bind their New American government within the boundaries of
rule of law, the authority of the people to men and women who were supposed to
have conscience, while given the authority to govern in this country.

Fifty six men of the day, signed the Declaration of Independence. Each of these
God loving, Christian men, gave heartfelt and fiery orations around the thirteen
colonies, which have been historically and affectionately called by America,
"symbolic speech".

The first amendment of the Bill of Rights, now a part of the Constitution the
last 212 years this upcoming Dec. 15, 2003, protects and guarantees the right of
free speech, to petition the government for grievances and not be coincidence,
symbolic speech, as well. Without "symbolic speech", freely made by men willing
to stand up to greed, power, corruption, fraud, and deceit, America and the
ideals and principles, espoused in our Constitution, would not exist. The
Supreme Law of the Land would simply not exist.

Fast forward to America, today in the latter half of the year 2003, finding
America gripped in the clutches of men and women, who have usurped the power of
people through subterfuge, fraud and deceit, with their own agenda of destroying
the Supreme Law of the Land, with the philosophy and interpretation that the
Constitution is a "living document", to be ignored because "times have changed".
This thinking permeates government at all levels and branches, from the White
House and Congress, to state and local government and the lowest courts of our
land, to the highest. Destruction of the Constitution and the freedoms
guaranteed and protected in the Bill of Rights thereof, is the absolute aim of
those in power today in America. The Politicians and Judges of this country,
have stolen our God given, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights,
because they can. America allows this to happen, because our government
controlled schools have stopped teaching about the "Real Constitution" and the
duty of each citizen to assure that those in government, honor their "Oath of
office to defend the Constitution". The controlled media is nothing more than a
propaganda machine of the globalist international bankers, who arranged for our
Politicians and Judges, to sell out America, in the name of money and the
material things it can bring to them. Judges across America conspire to fool
Americans into thinking they have Constitutional rights in the courts, with
their carefully thought out speech to the accused before trial. These Judges
tell you what your rights are, helping you to believe that the rights the Judge
is "granting you", are your Constitutional rights. This is the illusion the
courts create now in this country. It is another carefully crafted lie,
maintained by all in the government to fraudulently steal the birthright and
heritage of freedom and liberty, based on "rule of Constitutional and common

What America doesn't seem to grasp is the basic fact whereas, "if we don't have
Constitutional rights in the courts, we don't have Constitutional rights in the

Americans are desperate to believe their government is benevolent and is
actually operating within the boundaries of their authority to govern. They
conveniently forget that the Constitution IS that authority, and that authority
IS the people.

So what does "symbolic speech" have to do with all this you ask? Not much, just

Since December of 2001, one man in Denver and then again in the summer of 2002
in Thornton, one Rick Stanley, had the audacity to "exercise his God given,
protected and guaranteed 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms on his
person, openly, lawfully within his State Constitution right as well, while
campaigning for the 2002 US Senate race in Colorado. Arrested, jailed, tried,
convicted and jailed again for exercising rights. Rights are "NOT PRIVILAGES".
In March of 2003, the State Legislature and Governor signed SB-25, pre-empting
and declaring the ordinances Stanley was arrested for, as UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The
judges in Denver, Thornton, Adams County and Colorado, failed to uphold their
oaths of office to defend the Constitution and Stanley's rights.

That same Rick Stanley, sent judicial notice to the Thornton and Adams County
Judges, in a legal document, a pleading, or a "notice" to the court. Many of you
know this, as a Motion to the Court. Thousands of lawyers do this each and every
day, in every court in the land. It is an accepted practice rooted in free
speech, symbolic speech, petition for redress of grievance, intended to
influence the judge to rule in the favor of the individual, who is forced to
rely on the court, to have their rights upheld in court.

Judge Rose of Thornton and Judge Marshall of Adams county received exactly the
same document, tendered lawfully by Stanley to the court, demanding Stanley's
Constitutional rights be upheld by each Judge in Stanley's case. No threat was
made, just judicial notice these judges were violating Stanley's rights and
their oath of office to defend the Constitutions. The LEGAL NOTICE stated the
judges were operating under the "color of law", violating the "condition" each
of these men swore to uphold upon taking the Judge's office, which was a
treasonous act, that could result in charges filed and an arrest warrant issued
by the militia. The militia, is another word for the people, the authority for
government. The militia and the people were in existence before the Declaration
of Independence, the American Revolution, the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
The people, the militia, were in existence BEFORE the founding documents giving
the government the authority to govern. The people, the militia pre-date the
existence of our servant, the government.

These two Judges, using their office, under color of law once again, filed
felony charges against Stanley for attempting to "Influence a Public Official".
They used their "positions" to bring charges against another citizen, under the
pretense of another "statute", another law they have enacted that is
unconstitutional, vague, and in Stanley's case, has harmed no one, no property
stolen, in other words, just another victimless "crime against the state". The
legislatures at the state and federal levels have made thousands of these
victimless crimes against the state, to control and relieve citizens of their
money and property. The judicial branch of government continues the charade of a
"justice system", by systematically enacting their own rules and regulations,
effectively creating law, to exploit the system for their own gain as well. The
creation of private jails, corporations that charge for "classes", electronic
monitoring, and a host of other "services" for the citizen unlucky enough to be
caught up in this injustice system must pay for or back to the jails again. A
majority of the crimes committed have no victim and in fact would not have been
a "crime" one hundred years ago. Judges hide behind corporations, raking in
profit, based on their decisions.

Stanley and his case, are a barometer of how corrupt and fraudulent America's
judicial system and government have become. When an honest man can be tossed in
jail on the word of another, charged with the "crime" of filing a pleading with
the court to "influence a public official", forced to pay an attorney thousands
of dollars to defend against this fraudulent charge on top of the others it
stems from, as well as pay a $50,000 bond times two, for two identical pleadings
to two judges for the same issue, when the bond was only supposed to be $5,000
each, now a total of $100,000, it can only be a matter of time before it will
happen to you.

Yes, the system is irretrievably broken, as stated by a federal judge in this
very same year of 2003 at a speech in one of our country's finest eastern law
schools. The Police State of America is here. Funny that the media in Colorado,
made fun of Stanley, for making exactly that prediction, made during the US
Senate Campaign in 2001 and 2002 in Colorado.

Or is it funny?

Symbolic free speech is now a crime. Last few years, several people have been
jailed for "thought crimes". Every one of the ten Bill of Rights is violated
each and every day against American citizens, by the Police State of America.

Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death.".

Ben Franklin said, "We gave you a republic, now see if you can keep it.".

America has been socialized, communized, politically corrected, and now
tyrannized by fascist policies similar to what the citizens of Nazi Germany only
began to experience in the 30's and early 40's of the last century. America has
been told since the Thirties, that our country is a Democracy. The government
and media have reinforced that point over and over, through the use of their
propaganda techniques and America suffers in ignorance. The people no longer
have the courage, or will to resist, the tyranny of the government that has
overthrown America.

These thoughts continue to dominate my days, as I sit in jail, day after day. I
am a convicted American who had the audacity to exercise his rights. I am an
American grandfather, business owner and entrepreneur, property owner, husband
and now citizen without rights, under the total control of the Police State. I
have new felony charges with 32 potential years of prison threatening my life
and future, hanging over me, for giving judicial notice to two men on the bench,
legally, lawfully and Constitutionally, so their ego and fraudulent treason
against a citizen, can be covered up and tucked away in a prison cell.

Free symbolic speech. The right to keep and bear arms. The right to petition
with redress of grievance. Our forefathers blood won these rights in the
American Revolutionary War for Themselves, their countrymen, as well as for
future generations of Americans. These fine men of honor, integrity and strength
of character, must surely be crying the tears of sorrow, for America, as they
roll over in their graves, disgusted by the acts of those who have sold out
America, destroying the heritage and birthright of all Americans.

I continue to sit in the jail of the damned.

Americans continue to believe that they live in the most free country in the
world, accepting the illusion of freedom and liberty. Samuel Adams said, "If ye
love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the
animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels
or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands, which feed you. May your chains
set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.".

Symbolic speech has a way of stirring the pot, magnifying the truth to epic
proportions. How long will America sleep? How long before the ideals and
principles of the Constitution are once again the Supreme Law of the Land, not
just in word, but in deed? Where is the courage of the American patriot?

I pray to the Lord each day for the deliverance of the American people from the
fascist tyranny of this "Democracy" that has overthrown America from within. The
war isn't in Iraq, Afghanistan, or the remaining five countries targeted by the
international bankers for America's military to be the spear point of their
ambitions. The war is here, the real war is right here in America. It is
directed at Americans. Americans will fill the jails, prisons, concentration
camps of this war. America's sons and daughters, the fruits of their labor,
their property and their ability to pay, will be the object of this war on
America. Our forefathers are weeping.

While we continue to send our children to their deaths fighting wars for
"security", those left in America will pay the price. What price you say? The
ultimate price: Freedom and liberty lost.

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If you are as powerful as you think, post my beliefs, for all to see. Don't comment or slam, just post them. I dare you.

- - -

1. I can't conceive of a life so full and interesting like this and then ceasing to exist. To go through everything we go through to learn and experience life, parenting and love, pain and sorrow, happiness and joy, seems to be a platform for a future existence that continues based on all life has taught us. This doesn't mean there is a God, just that life continues after death and that we are part of a greater existence and plan.

2. The positive energy created through prayer seems to be real and effective. It helps in healing, reaching goals, understanding of life's issues, getting through a crisis, etc.

3. Sometimes, things happen that seem to be a result of divine intervention. Someone decides out of nowhere to cancel a trip and then the plane goes down that he or she would have been on. I have been touched deep down by many such stories and experiences.

4. It seems like everyone born can make a difference in the world and there is a purpose for their existence no matter how trivial that may be. This ties into the thought that we are here mostly to learn and to experience various things and that there is a plan and an architect behind that plan.

5. The complexity and enormity of the universe and the continual discovery of various phenomena in quantum physics and other sciences tells me there is a larger cause and order that we barely understand.

6. Spirituality, learning to love, belief in noble purposes and in a higher plane of existence and light are common threads and goals achievable in this life. The notion that these ideals move on to a higher level after death seems logical.

7. Almost all of us are touched by little acts of love or sacrifice of others. There seems to be a spirit of love that is common and that men are blessed with that comes from heaven.

8. I believe because I love the idea that there is a loving God and a loving future after death. The story appeals to me. I realize that this doesn't make it so. However, I detest the idea that God doesn't exist and that we are the result of a billion years of evolution and that there is no final justice or cause in the universe.

9. I believe because of the beliefs or lack of belief in others. When I hear someone say that there is no God, I feel a negative vibe. Life has only fleeting, momentary value. On the contrary, when I hear a positive story, I get a good feeling inside. Although, this one has been somewhat negated by too many years of bad fast and testimony stories.

10. Finally, I believe because I grew up believing and it has always worked for me, even though I have been mad at God for a multitude of reasons. I elect to believe and that is my choice. I don't know for sure, but I do believe.
- - -
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The blog that writes.

Dick's address:

Richard Simkanin
REG# 30383-177
FMC Jail Unit
P. O. Box 15330
Fort Worth, Texas 76119


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The blog that violates
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Subj: 3-parent pregnancies [DO NOT DISSEMINATE]
Date: 11/14/03 1:29:15 PM Eastern Standard Time
Fwd:: Jalmond2000@cs.com
CC: controlcover@juno.com

Controversial three-parent pregnancy revealed

A human pregnancy involving fetuses with three genetic parents was reported by US and Chinese scientists on Tuesday. None were born, but the researchers say this was due to obstetric complications rather than the fertility technique used, and that it would work in future.

However, the approach is now reported to have been banned in China, where the pregnancy was created. It was already banned in the US and UK, and the news of the attempt has led to renewed criticism of fertility research by anti-abortion groups.

Some children have already been born with three genetic parents, but the new research has prompted additional controversy because the method used shares a technical step, called nuclear transfer, with cloning procedures. However, the US scientist who developed in animals the technique used by the Chinese researchers says: "It's nothing to do with human cloning."

Jamie Grifo, director of reproductive medicine at New York University, told New Scientist that making such false links is detrimental to his patients. "This fear of cloning has created a regulatory environment that has stopped a lot of research in the area of fertility, and the problem is that patients who need it will not get it."


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The blog that deciphers.
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November 14, 2003 ¡¡Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute(ÂæÉ÷¤ÎÀªÎϿꤨ¤ë)¡¢Verichip (Ë̳¤Æ»ÆîÉô¤ÇÃÏ¿Ì)¡¢Nanotechnology (Á´¹ñŪ¤Ëµ¤²¹µÞ¾å¾º)¡¢Glogal Citizen Day (´ØÅìÃÏÊý¤Ë¶ÉÃÏŪ¤Ê¹ë±«)¡¢Implanted in new births (¹âÇȤǣ³¿Í¤¬¤µ¤é¤ï¤ì»àË´) ¤Ïµ¤¾Ýµ­»ö¤Ë¤è¤¯Åо줹¤ë¸«½Ð¤·¡without parental notification.
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(Long Beach, CA)

The blog that investigates.


Farmer 'has sex with daughter'
Sunday, April 14, 2002

Police continue to appeal for the safety of children in light of a recent case of incest at a Dawasamu Village, in Tailevu.

A 35-year-old farmer is under investigation for allegedly having sex with his daughter, said police spokeswoman acting Inspector Unaisi Vuniwaqa said.

The incident happened on April 8 this year between 12 midday and 8pm when the suspect took his daughter to catch prawns at a nearby creek.

It happened again at a vacant house near the village. Mrs Vuniwaqa said the victim lives alone with the suspect as "he is separated from his wife who resides in Ba, with another son and daughter".

The victim, who is eight-years-old, only related the incident to her mother when she visited them lately. Investigations into the matter are continuing.

Meanwhile, police are appealing for any information from people on the finding of a live .303 bullet in the house of a 40-year-old technician at the Pony Club Settlement in Suva.

Mrs Vuniwaqa said the discovery was made while police were conducting a drug raid at the house late Thursday night.

"We continue to appeal to anyone who may have in his possession arms and ammunition to hand it over to police."
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Does the current government of the United States of America extort from its people?

Is it now time for a New Magna Carta?

Here is the old one that did the trick (with a few sharp swords):

The Text of Magna Carta
Introductory Note

As might be expected, the text of the Magna Carta of 1215 bears many traces of haste, and is clearly the product of much bargaining and many hands. Most of its clauses deal with specific, and often long-standing, grievances rather than with general principles of law. Some of the grievances are self-explanatory: others can be understood only in the context of the feudal society in which they arose. Of a few clauses, the precise meaning is still a matter of argument.

In feudal society, the king's barons held their lands `in fee' (feudum) from the king, for an oath to him of loyalty and obedience, and with the obligation to provide him with a fixed number of knights whenever these were required for military service. At first the barons provided the knights by dividing their estates (of which the largest and most important were known as `honours') into smaller parcels described as `knights' fees', which they distributed to tenants able to serve as knights. But by the time of King John it had become more convenient and usual for the obligation for service to be commuted for a cash payment known as `scutage', and for the revenue so obtained to be used to maintain paid armies.

Besides military service, feudal custom allowed the king to make certain other exactions from his barons. In times of emergency, and on such special occasions as the marriage of his eldest daughter, he could demand from them a financial levy known as an `aid' (auxilium). When a baron died, he could demand a succession duty or `relief' (relevium) from the baron's heir. If there was no heir, or if the succession was disputed, the baron's lands could be forfeited or `escheated' to the Crown. If the heir was under age, the king could assume the guardianship of his estates, and enjoy all the profits from them-ven to the extent of despoliation-until the heir came of age. The king had the right, if he chose, to sell such a guardianship to the highest bidder, and to sell the heir himself in marriage for such price as the value of his estates would command. The widows and daughters of barons might also be sold in marriage. With their own tenants, the barons could deal similarly.

The scope for extortion and abuse in this system, if it were not benevolently applied, was obviously great and had been the subject of complaint long before King John came to the throne. Abuses were, moreover, aggravated by the difficulty of obtaining redress for them, and in Magna Carta the provision of the means for obtaining a fair hearing of complaints, not only against the king and his agents but against lesser feudal lords, achieves corresponding importance.

About two-thirds of the clauses of the Magna Carta of 1215 are concerned with matters such as these, and with the misuse of their powers by royal officials. As regards other topics, the first clause, conceding the freedom of the Church, and in particular confirming its right to elect its own dignitaries without royal interference, reflects John's dispute with the Pope over Stephen Langton's election as archbishop of Canterbury: it does not appear in the Articles of the Barons, and its somewhat stilted phrasing seems in part to be attempting to justify its inclusion, none the less, in the charter itself. The clauses that deal with the royal forests (§§ 44, 47, 48), over which the king had special powers and jurisdiction, reflect the disquiet and anxieties that had arisen on account of a longstanding royal tendency to extend the forest boundaries, to the detriment of the holders of the lands affected. Those that deal with debts (§§ 9-1l) reflect administrative problems created by the chronic scarcity of ready cash among the upper and middle classes, and their need to resort to money-lenders when this was required. The clause promising the removal of fish-weirs (§ 33) was intended to facilitate the navigation of rivers. A number of clauses deal with the special circumstances that surrounded the making of the charter, and are such as might be found in any treaty of peace. Others, such as those relating to the city of London (§ 13) and to merchants (§ 41), clearly represent concessions to special interests.

(Clauses marked (+) are still valid under the charter of 1225, but with a few minor amendments. Clauses marked (*) were omitted in all later reissues of the charter. In the charter itself the clauses are not numbered, and the text reads continuously. The translation sets out to convey the sense rather than the precise wording of the original Latin.)

- - - - -

JOHN, by the grace of God King of England, Lord of Ireland, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, and Count of Anjou, to his archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls, barons, justices, foresters, sheriffs, stewards, servants, and to all his officials and loyal subjects, Greeting.

KNOW THAT BEFORE GOD, for the health of our soul and those of our ancestors and heirs, to the honour of God, the exaltation of the holy Church, and the better ordering of our kingdom, at the advice of our reverend fathers Stephen, archbishop of Canterbury, primate of all England, and cardinal of the holy Roman Church, Henry archbishop of Dublin, William bishop of London, Peter bishop of Winchester, Jocelin bishop of Bath and Glastonbury, Hugh bishop of Lincoln, Walter Bishop of Worcester, William bishop of Coventry, Benedict bishop of Rochester, Master Pandulf subdeacon and member of the papal household, Brother Aymeric master of the knighthood of the Temple in England, William Marshal earl of Pembroke, William earl of Salisbury, William earl of Warren, William earl of Arundel, Alan de Galloway constable of Scotland, Warin Fitz Gerald, Peter Fitz Herbert, Hubert de Burgh seneschal of Poitou, Hugh de Neville, Matthew Fitz Herbert, Thomas Basset, Alan Basset, Philip Daubeny, Robert de Roppeley, John Marshal, John Fitz Hugh, and other loyal subjects:

+ (1) FIRST, THAT WE HAVE GRANTED TO GOD, and by this present charter have confirmed for us and our heirs in perpetuity, that the English Church shall be free, and shall have its rights undiminished, and its liberties unimpaired. That we wish this so to be observed, appears from the fact that of our own free will, before the outbreak of the present dispute between us and our barons, we granted and confirmed by charter the freedom of the Church's elections - a right reckoned to be of the greatest necessity and importance to it - and caused this to be confirmed by Pope Innocent III. This freedom we shall observe ourselves, and desire to be observed in good faith by our heirs in perpetuity.

TO ALL FREE MEN OF OUR KINGDOM we have also granted, for us and our heirs for ever, all the liberties written out below, to have and to keep for them and their heirs, of us and our heirs:

(2) If any earl, baron, or other person that holds lands directly of the Crown, for military service, shall die, and at his death his heir shall be of full age and owe a `relief', the heir shall have his inheritance on payment of the ancient scale of `relief'. That is to say, the heir or heirs of an earl shall pay £100 for the entire earl's barony, the heir or heirs of a knight l00s. at most for the entire knight's `fee', and any man that owes less shall pay less, in accordance with the ancient usage of `fees'

(3) But if the heir of such a person is under age and a ward, when he comes of age he shall have his inheritance without `relief' or fine.

(4) The guardian of the land of an heir who is under age shall take from it only reasonable revenues, customary dues, and feudal services. He shall do this without destruction or damage to men or property. If we have given the guardianship of the land to a sheriff, or to any person answerable to us for the revenues, and he commits destruction or damage, we will exact compensation from him, and the land shall be entrusted to two worthy and prudent men of the same `fee', who shall be answerable to us for the revenues, or to the person to whom we have assigned them. If we have given or sold to anyone the guardianship of such land, and he causes destruction or damage, he shall lose the guardianship of it, and it shall be handed over to two worthy and prudent men of the same `fee', who shall be similarly answerable to us.

(5) For so long as a guardian has guardianship of such land, he shall maintain the houses, parks, fish preserves, ponds, mills, and everything else pertaining to it, from the revenues of the land itself. When the heir comes of age, he shall restore the whole land to him, stocked with plough teams and such implements of husbandry as the season demands and the revenues from the land can reasonably bear.

(6) Heirs may be given in marriage, but not to someone of lower social standing. Before a marriage takes place, it shall be' made known to the heir's next-of-kin.

(7) At her husband's death, a widow may have her marriage portion and inheritance at once and without trouble. She shall pay nothing for her dower, marriage portion, or any inheritance that she and her husband held jointly on the day of his death. She may remain in her husband's house for forty days after his death, and within this period her dower shall be assigned to her.

(8) No widow shall be compelled to marry, so long as she wishes to remain without a husband. But she must give security that she will not marry without royal consent, if she holds her lands of the Crown, or without the consent of whatever other lord she may hold them of.

(9) Neither we nor our officials will seize any land or rent in payment of a debt, so long as the debtor has movable goods sufficient to discharge the debt. A debtor's sureties shall not be distrained upon so long as the debtor himself can discharge his debt. If, for lack of means, the debtor is unable to discharge his debt, his sureties shall be answerable for it. If they so desire, they may have the debtor's lands and rents until they have received satisfaction for the debt that they paid for him, unless the debtor can show that he has settled his obligations to them.

* (10) If anyone who has borrowed a sum of money from Jews dies before the debt has been repaid, his heir shall pay no interest on the debt for so long as he remains under age, irrespective of whom he holds his lands. If such a debt falls into the hands of the Crown, it will take nothing except the principal sum specified in the bond.

* (11) If a man dies owing money to Jews, his wife may have her dower and pay nothing towards the debt from it. If he leaves children that are under age, their needs may also be provided for on a scale appropriate to the size of his holding of lands. The debt is to be paid out of the residue, reserving the service due to his feudal lords. Debts owed to persons other than Jews are to be dealt with similarly.

* (12) No `scutage' or `aid' may be levied in our kingdom without its general consent, unless it is for the ransom of our person, to make our eldest son a knight, and (once) to marry our eldest daughter. For these purposes ouly a reasonable `aid' may be levied. `Aids' from the city of London are to be treated similarly.

+ (13) The city of London shall enjoy all its ancient liberties and free customs, both by land and by water. We also will and grant that all other cities, boroughs, towns, and ports shall enjoy all their liberties and free customs.

* (14) To obtain the general consent of the realm for the assessment of an `aid' - except in the three cases specified above - or a `scutage', we will cause the archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls, and greater barons to be summoned individually by letter. To those who hold lands directly of us we will cause a general summons to be issued, through the sheriffs and other officials, to come together on a fixed day (of which at least forty days notice shall be given) and at a fixed place. In all letters of summons, the cause of the summons will be stated. When a summons has been issued, the business appointed for the day shall go forward in accordance with the resolution of those present, even if not all those who were summoned have appeared.

* (15) In future we will allow no one to levy an `aid' from his free men, except to ransom his person, to make his eldest son a knight, and (once) to marry his eldest daughter. For these purposes only a reasonable `aid' may be levied.

(16) No man shall be forced to perform more service for a knight's `fee', or other free holding of land, than is due from it.

(17) Ordinary lawsuits shall not follow the royal court around, but shall be held in a fixed place.

(18) Inquests of novel disseisin, mort d'ancestor, and darrein presentment shall be taken only in their proper county court. We ourselves, or in our absence abroad our chief justice, will send two justices to each county four times a year, and these justices, with four knights of the county elected by the county itself, shall hold the assizes in the county court, on the day and in the place where the court meets.

(19) If any assizes cannot be taken on the day of the county court, as many knights and freeholders shall afterwards remain behind, of those who have attended the court, as will suffice for the administration of justice, having regard to the volume of business to be done.

(20) For a trivial offence, a free man shall be fined only in proportion to the degree of his offence, and for a serious offence correspondingly, but not so heavily as to deprive him of his livelihood. In the same way, a merchant shall be spared his merchandise, and a husbandman the implements of his husbandry, if they fall upon the mercy of a royal court. None of these fines shall be imposed except by the assessment on oath of reputable men of the neighbourhood.

(21) Earls and barons shall be fined only by their equals, and in proportion to the gravity of their offence.

(22) A fine imposed upon the lay property of a clerk in holy orders shall be assessed upon the same principles, without reference to the value of his ecclesiastical benefice.

(23) No town or person shall be forced to build bridges over rivers except those with an ancient obligation to do so.

(24) No sheriff, constable, coroners, or other royal officials are to hold lawsuits that should be held by the royal justices.

* (25) Every county, hundred, wapentake, and tithing shall remain at its ancient rent, without increase, except the royal demesne manors.

(26) If at the death of a man who holds a lay `fee' of the Crown, a sheriff or royal official produces royal letters patent of summons for a debt due to the Crown, it shall be lawful for them to seize and list movable goods found in the lay `fee' of the dead man to the value of the debt, as assessed by worthy men. Nothing shall be removed until the whole debt is paid, when the residue shall be given over to the executors to carry out the dead man s will. If no debt is due to the Crown, all the movable goods shall be regarded as the property of the dead man, except the reasonable shares of his wife and children.

* (27) If a free man dies intestate, his movable goods are to be distributed by his next-of-kin and friends, under the supervision of the Church. The rights of his debtors are to be preserved.

(28) No constable or other royal official shall take corn or other movable goods from any man without immediate payment, unless the seller voluntarily offers postponement of this.

(29) No constable may compel a knight to pay money for castle-guard if the knight is willing to undertake the guard in person, or with reasonable excuse to supply some other fit man to do it. A knight taken or sent on military service shall be excused from castle-guard for the period of this servlce.

(30) No sheriff, royal official, or other person shall take horses or carts for transport from any free man, without his consent.

(31) Neither we nor any royal official will take wood for our castle, or for any other purpose, without the consent of the owner.

(32) We will not keep the lands of people convicted of felony in our hand for longer than a year and a day, after which they shall be returned to the lords of the `fees' concerned.

(33) All fish-weirs shall be removed from the Thames, the Medway, and throughout the whole of England, except on the sea coast.

(34) The writ called precipe shall not in future be issued to anyone in respect of any holding of land, if a free man could thereby be deprived of the right of trial in his own lord's court.

(35) There shall be standard measures of wine, ale, and corn (the London quarter), throughout the kingdom. There shall also be a standard width of dyed cloth, russett, and haberject, namely two ells within the selvedges. Weights are to be standardised similarly.

(36) In future nothing shall be paid or accepted for the issue of a writ of inquisition of life or limbs. It shall be given gratis, and not refused.

(37) If a man holds land of the Crown by `fee-farm', `socage', or `burgage', and also holds land of someone else for knight's service, we will not have guardianship of his heir, nor of the land that belongs to the other person's `fee', by virtue of the `fee-farm', `socage', or `burgage', unless the `fee-farm' owes knight's service. We will not have the guardianship of a man's heir, or of land that he holds of someone else, by reason of any small property that he may hold of the Crown for a service of knives, arrows, or the like.

(38) In future no official shall place a man on trial upon his own unsupported statement, without producing credible witnesses to the truth of it.

+ (39) No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions, or outlawed or exiled, or deprived of his standing in any other way, nor will we proceed with force against him, or send others to do so, except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land.

+ (40) To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.

(41) All merchants may enter or leave England unharmed and without fear, and may stay or travel within it, by land or water, for purposes of trade, free from all illegal exactions, in accordance with ancient and lawful customs. This, however, does not apply in time of war to merchants from a country that is at war with us. Any such merchants found in our country at the outbreak of war shall be detained without injury to their persons or property, until we or our chief justice have discovered how our own merchants are being treated in the country at war with us. If our own merchants are safe they shall be safe too.

* (42) In future it shall be lawful for any man to leave and return to our kingdom unharmed and without fear, by land or water, preserving his allegiance to us, except in time of war, for some short period, for the common benefit of the realm. People that have been imprisoned or outlawed in accordance with the law of the land, people from a country that is at war with us, and merchants - who shall be dealt with as stated above - are excepted from this provision.

(43) If a man holds lands of any `escheat' such as the `honour' of Wallingford, Nottingham, Boulogne, Lancaster, or of other `escheats' in our hand that are baronies, at his death his heir shall give us only the `relief' and service that he would have made to the baron, had the barony been in the baron's hand. We will hold the `escheat' in the same manner as the baron held it.

(44) People who live outside the forest need not in future appear before the royal justices of the forest in answer to general summonses, unless they are actually involved in proceedings or are sureties for someone who has been seized for a forest offence.

* (45) We will appoint as justices, constables, sheriffs, or other officials, only men that know the law of the realm and are minded to keep it well.

(46) All barons who have founded abbeys, and have charters of English kings or ancient tenure as evidence of this, may have guardianship of them when there is no abbot, as is their due.

(47) All forests that have been created in our reign shall at once be disafforested. River-banks that have been enclosed in our reign shall be treated similarly.

* (48) All evil customs relating to forests and warrens, foresters, warreners, sheriffs and their servants, or river-banks and their wardens, are at once to be investigated in every county by twelve sworn knights of the county, and within forty days of their enquiry the evil customs are to be abolished completely and irrevocably. But we, or our chief justice if we are not in England, are first to be informed.

* (49) We will at once return all hostages and charters delivered up to us by Englishmen as security for peace or for loyal service.

* (50) We will remove completely from their offices the kinsmen of Gerard de Athée, and in future they shall hold no offices in England. The people in question are Engelard de Cigogné', Peter, Guy, and Andrew de Chanceaux, Guy de Cigogné, Geoffrey de Martigny and his brothers, Philip Marc and his brothers, with Geoffrey his nephew, and all their followers.

* (51) As soon as peace is restored, we will remove from the kingdom all the foreign knights, bowmen, their attendants, and the mercenaries that have come to it, to its harm, with horses and arms.

* (52) To any man whom we have deprived or dispossessed of lands, castles, liberties, or rights, without the lawful judgement of his equals, we will at once restore these. In cases of dispute the matter shall be resolved by the judgement of the twenty-five barons referred to below in the clause for securing the peace (§ 61). In cases, however, where a man was deprived or dispossessed of something without the lawful judgement of his equals by our father King Henry or our brother King Richard, and it remains in our hands or is held by others under our warranty, we shall have respite for the period commonly allowed to Crusaders, unless a lawsuit had been begun, or an enquiry had been made at our order, before we took the Cross as a Crusader. On our return from the Crusade, or if we abandon it, we will at once render justice in full.

* (53) We shall have similar respite in rendering justice in connexion with forests that are to be disafforested, or to remain forests, when these were first a-orested by our father Henry or our brother Richard; with the guardianship of lands in another person's `fee', when we have hitherto had this by virtue of a `fee' held of us for knight's service by a third party; and with abbeys founded in another person's `fee', in which the lord of the `fee' claims to own a right. On our return from the Crusade, or if we abandon it, we will at once do full justice to complaints about these matters.

(54) No one shall be arrested or imprisoned on the appeal of a woman for the death of any person except her husband.

* (55) All fines that have been given to us unjustiy and against the law of the land, and all fines that we have exacted unjustly, shall be entirely remitted or the matter decided by a majority judgement of the twenty-five barons referred to below in the clause for securing the peace (§ 61) together with Stephen, archbishop of Canterbury, if he can be present, and such others as he wishes to bring with him. If the archbishop cannot be present, proceedings shall continue without him, provided that if any of the twenty-five barons has been involved in a similar suit himself, his judgement shall be set aside, and someone else chosen and sworn in his place, as a substitute for the single occasion, by the rest of the twenty-five.

(56) If we have deprived or dispossessed any Welshmen of lands, liberties, or anything else in England or in Wales, without the lawful judgement of their equals, these are at once to be returned to them. A dispute on this point shall be determined in the Marches by the judgement of equals. English law shall apply to holdings of land in England, Welsh law to those in Wales, and the law of the Marches to those in the Marches. The Welsh shall treat us and ours in the same way.

* (57) In cases where a Welshman was deprived or dispossessed of anything, without the lawful judgement of his equals, by our father King Henry or our brother King Richard, and it remains in our hands or is held by others under our warranty, we shall have respite for the period commonly allowed to Crusaders, unless a lawsuit had been begun, or an enquiry had been made at our order, before we took the Cross as a Crusader. But on our return from the Crusade, or if we abandon it, we will at once do full justice according to the laws of Wales and the said regions.

* (58) We will at once return the son of Llywelyn, all Welsh hostages, and the charters delivered to us as security for the peace.

* (59) With regard to the return of the sisters and hostages of Alexander, king of Scotland, his liberties and his rights, we will treat him in the same way as our other barons of England, unless it appears from the charters that we hold from his father William, formerly king of Scotland, that he should be treated otherwise. This matter shall be resolved by the judgement of his equals in our court.

(60) All these customs and liberties that we have granted shall be observed in our kingdom in so far as concerns our own relations with our subjects. Let all men of our kingdom, whether clergy or laymen, observe them similarly in their relations with their own men.

* (61) SINCE WE HAVE GRANTED ALL THESE THINGS for God, for the better ordering of our kingdom, and to allay the discord that has arisen between us and our barons, and since we desire that they shall be enjoyed in their entirety, with lasting strength, for ever, we give and grant to the barons the following security:
The barons shall elect twenty-five of their number to keep, and cause to be observed with all their might, the peace and liberties granted and confirmed to them by this charter.

If we, our chief justice, our officials, or any of our servants offend in any respect against any man, or transgress any of the articles of the peace or of this security, and the offence is made known to four of the said twenty-five barons, they shall come to us - or in our absence from the kingdom to the chief justice - to declare it and claim immediate redress. If we, or in our absence abroad the chiefjustice, make no redress within forty days, reckoning from the day on which the offence was declared to us or to him, the four barons shall refer the matter to the rest of the twenty-five barons, who may distrain upon and assail us in every way possible, with the support of the whole community of the land, by seizing our castles, lands, possessions, or anything else saving only our own person and those of the queen and our children, until they have secured such redress as they have determined upon. Having secured the redress, they may then resume their normal obedience to us.

Any man who so desires may take an oath to obey the commands of the twenty-five barons for the achievement of these ends, and to join with them in assailing us to the utmost of his power. We give public and free permission to take this oath to any man who so desires, and at no time will we prohibit any man from taking it. Indeed, we will compel any of our subjects who are unwilling to take it to swear it at our command.

If-one of the twenty-five barons dies or leaves the country, or is prevented in any other way from discharging his duties, the rest of them shall choose another baron in his place, at their discretion, who shall be duly sworn in as they were.

In the event of disagreement among the twenty-five barons on any matter referred to them for decision, the verdict of the majority present shall have the same validity as a unanimous verdict of the whole twenty-five, whether these were all present or some of those summoned were unwilling or unable to appear.

The twenty-five barons shall swear to obey all the above articles faithfully, and shall cause them to be obeyed by others to the best of their power.

We will not seek to procure from anyone, either by our own efforts or those of a third party, anything by which any part of these concessions or liberties might be revoked or diminished. Should such a thing be procured, it shall be null and void and we will at no time make use of it, either ourselves or through a third party.

* (62) We have remitted and pardoned fully to all men any ill-will, hurt, or grudges that have arisen between us and our subjects, whether clergy or laymen, since the beginning of the dispute. We have in addition remitted fully, and for our own part have also pardoned, to all clergy and laymen any offences committed as a result of the said dispute between Easter in the sixteenth year of our reign (i.e. 1215) and the restoration of peace.

In addition we have caused letters patent to be made for the barons, bearing witness to this security and to the concessions set out above, over the seals of Stephen archbishop of Canterbury, Henry archbishop of Dublin, the other bishops named above, and Master Pandulf.

* (63) IT IS ACCORDINGLY OUR WISH AND COMMAND that the English Church shall be free, and that men in our kingdom shall have and keep all these liberties, rights, and concessions, well and peaceably in their fulness and entirety for them and their heirs, of us and our heirs, in all things and all places for ever.

Both we and the barons have sworn that all this shall be observed in good faith and without deceit. Witness the abovementioned people and many others.

Given by our hand in the meadow that is called Runnymede, between Windsor and Staines, on the fifteenth day of June in the seventeenth year of our reign (i.e. 1215: the new regnal year began on 28 May).
Source and Further Information

G. R. C. Davis, Magna Carta, Revised Edition, British Library, 1989.

British Library Publications - An Overview.

Copyright © 1995, The British Library Board
From Portico - The British Library's Online Information Server
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Careful With This Polygamy Debate

The Monitor (Kampala)

November 14, 2003
Posted to the web November 14, 2003


Presently, there is a lot of debate around the draft Domestic Relations Bill among civil society groups. And one of the emerging contentions is pivoting around whether to ban polygamy.

The view to ban, however, is being tempered by the recognition, in the draft law, of the cultural and other sensitivities that this way of life arouses in our predominantly traditional society.

As this debate proceeds, it has to be mentioned that polygamy has some particularly negative tendencies. There is a possibility of neglect of one side of the family, spousal abuse, hatred that has in cases led to homicide, and general distress in the home.

On the flip side, the traditionalists purport that it brings with it variety and other such unwieldy arguments.

But however unwieldy a position may seem, our lawmakers should really avoid getting swamped in the bog that legislation touching on such private and sensitive areas normally turns out to be.

True, some countries have laws against polygamy but this does not make it right in the context of civil liberties. There must be better ways to regulate domestic relations.

Remember here that in Western countries where polygamy is outlawed the practical reality is that it still exists in other forms like the keeping of mistresses et cetera. This exposes the futility of legislating in such matters.

Understandably, many times our womenfolk and one side of a polygamous family have been placed at considerable disadvantage but this cannot be sufficient ground to bring in the law.

We should instead find more useful ways of dealing with this issue. For instance, we could push for strengthening the existing measures that are used against irresponsible husbands. FIDA, the women lawyers' organisation, has already shown that this can work.

Nobody is defending polygamy, however, human rights defenders will recognise that certain human rights could easily be compromised if we moved to ban.

Also, to allow legislation in this form would open the way to a "big brother" society where the State can pry into the most private areas of people's lives. George Orwell warned about the dangers associated with this sort of scenario in his book, 1984.
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SOURCE: http://allafrica.com/stories/200311140011.html

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Dark LDS church secrets 'revealed' in new book

by Natalie Taylor

A few years ago, I saw a Picasso exhibit. Not knowing much about the painter at the time, I assumed I’d see his “Woman in a Hat” or “Piano” or other similar paintings. Instead, this exhibit featured his earlier works. I wandered room after room looking at canvases painstakingly rendered with realistic details, proportion and light, and found not one abstract among them. Picasso mastered every rule of art before he broke them all. Understanding the fundamentals lent his abstracts the authority that made them precisely so wild.

But without that base knowledge, art is uninformed and the observer cannot trust the artist. Such is the case with Mike Oborn’s debut novel, Ghost Between Us. Reading this book is a bit like being in a karate tournament. After a page or two, you feel like you’ve been kicked in the head: dizzy, nauseated, and disoriented. Perhaps Oborn fancied the subject matter of his book so radical that it superseded basic rules of grammar.

Just to amuse myself, I started counting incomplete sentences in the first chapter, but, by the third page, I lost track. So, I started over and tried to count complete sentences, but run-on sentences distracted me. Then I hunted for underlined words, misspelled words (like “there” instead of “their”) and tired clichés. One paragraph started in past tense, flowed into present, then to future, and back to past. Granted, the novel was written in the first person from the protagonist’s point of view, but even interior monologues need some sort of flow to avoid giving readers a headache.

The hero, Matthew Alcott, is a recovering alcoholic with a wicked dichotomy of delusions of grandeur and an inferiority complex. A returned missionary, Alcott sought refuge in the bottle after divorcing a powerful Mormon’s daughter and then disappointing his parents by renouncing the church.

But before he left the fold, he worked in the historical archives. The years spent in the church’s library rewarded his diligence with evidence that the LDS church has its own gaggle of skeletons in the closet. He writes a novel based on his findings, sells it to a New York City publisher just in time for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, and then finds out that the church wants to buy it for $2 million—sort of like a kill fee.

The book is being touted as highly controversial; according to the press release, Oborn’s membership in the LDS church may be revoked because of it. Please—it didn’t tell me one thing that most folks who live in Utah don’t already know.

Nonetheless, these are the facts he finds: Even after the Manifesto in 1890 (that abolished polygamy), Mormons continued to practice polygamy in secret and general authorities were given permission to perform these clandestine marriage ceremonies. The first president and founder of the LDS church, Joseph Smith, married at least 46 times, and one wife was 14. The church has a net worth of close to $50 billion and no debt—all from members’ tithing. Utah leads the nation in prescription anti-depressants. And finally, FBI and CIA retreads take jobs for the Mormon Church.

It’s hard to take anything Oborn says seriously. Maybe publishing this book really is a catalyst for excommunication. But if so, it’s an act of cutting off his membership to spite his face. If he had wanted to publish some groundbreaking work, he should have studied writing. As it is, the text itself is so painful to read that folks will have a hard time finishing it.

In addition to bad grammar, the characters are horribly undeveloped. When he devotes time to description at all, it’s description of women’s bodies. I’m assuming his character’s womanizing is an attempt to illustrate man’s basic desires to procreate with multiple women, thus exposing the rationale for polygamy. It doesn’t work; Alcott just comes off as a prick. Then there’s the predictable plot. But worse than that, as detestable as the LDS church is made out to be in this book, you understand why they might want the book silenced. Just shut this guy up, already.

Oborn needs to take some writing classes, master the basics and then maybe try a short story. As it is, you won’t trust a word he says because the writing is so bad. If this book is used for anything, it will be professors teaching students what not to do. It’s an ex-local writer’s attempt to be a maverick rebel and take the world by storm by exposing the soft white underbelly of the big dragon LDS church.

GHOST BETWEEN US by Mike Oborn, August Ink Publishing, Bellvue, Wash., $12.95
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Natalie Taylor is the Gospel Living Teacher in the Butler 1st Ward, SLC.

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Canadian lawyer raped his own children

VANCOUVER -- A former criminal defence lawyer was found guilty Friday in B.C. Supreme Court of 14 sex-related and assault charges involving his step-children and children. He was also found guilty of assaulting a 13-year-old friend of his step-daughter.

The lawyer's victims included his female children and male children, who said he fondled them or forced them to perform oral sex on him. The charges concerning his children included rape, sexual intercourse, indecent assault and sexual assault.

It was the second trial and conviction of the 63-year-old man, who was previously declared a dangerous offender in 1998, but who succeeded in overturning that judgement.

A court-ordered ban prevents publication of the man's name because it would identify his victims. The ban also prevents publication of information about where he practised law in B.C.

Justice Pamela Kirkpatrick described the victims as having a "tragically dysfunctional family."
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Police Log: PennState University

Trusting Student: A woman reported someone entered her unlocked apartment Tuesday on the 200 block of South Barnard Street and stole $650 worth of items, the State College Police Department said. She said the burglar entered between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., and took a camera and an MP3 player.

Future Leaders: Penn State University Police cited five students from James Madison University yesterday after an alleged fraternity initiation stunt. Police said the students entered Beaver Stadium at 3 a.m. Sunday and attempted to remove concession cart umbrellas.
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"I would rather listen to Saddam Hussein speak on civil rights than some of the televangelists that have spoken on ethics." - Texas Tech coach Bob Knight
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Islamic mother and son fined and jailed for incest
November 14, 2003

KUALA LUMPUR - A mother and son were fined and jailed by a Syariah Court on Tuesday for committing incest in Kelantan.

Convicted of incest, Mazlan Yahya, 22, and his mother, Hasmah Mat Adam, 49, of Tanah Merah were both fined $1,140 and jailed. -- PHOTOS: NEW STRAITS TIMES
Religious enforcement officers in the opposition Parti Islam SeMalaysia-ruled state caught Hasmah Mat Adam, 49, and her son Mazlan Yahya, 22, having sexual intercourse last month at their house in Tanah Merah.

'When the officers reached the house, they found it locked from inside. But they managed to peep through a crack in the wooden wall of the house,' the court was told.

'They saw Mazlan, who was clad in a towel, sitting and caressing his mother, who was dressed in a sarong and T-shirt.'

The court was told that they were later seen having sex.

Prosecutors said the offence, which both the accused admitted to, was 'beyond human decency and religion'.

The defendants were fined RM2,500 (S$1,140) each. Mazlan was jailed for 20 months and his mother for three months.

PAS has proposed introducing Islamic criminal laws prescribing amputations and death by stoning to criminalise illicit sex, drinking alcohol and renunciation of Islam, but the government has rejected the proposals. -- AFP/The Star/AsiaNews Network
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I am pleased to report a slight increase in scams, murders and filthy sex for the week in the Northwest. Keep up the great work!
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Wickedness Report: Western Pennsylvania
The Associated Press
11/14/2003, 8:57 a.m. ET


PITTSBURGH (AP) — A 19-year-old man avoided prison time but will spend six months under home arrest for an Internet auction scheme that bilked more than three dozen people out of $24,000.

Keith Condon, of Pittsburgh, was also sentenced Thursday to five years on probation and must repay the money to his 37 victims as part of his August plea to federal wire fraud charges. Condon's attorney, federal public defender Thomas Livingston, did not return a phone call for comment left at his office after business hours Thursday. Federal prosecutors said Condon put bogus items up for sale on auction Web sites and simply took people's money.


HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. (AP) — One of two women serving a life sentence for the murder of a 20-year-old aspiring paramedic, in an attack that authorities said was prompted by jealousy, will not get a new trial, a judge ruled. Blair County Judge Jolene Kopriva on Thursday turned away arguments by 22-year-old Marie Seilhamer that her accomplice delivered the fatal blow that killed 20-year-old Shari Lee Jackson in May 2001. Seilhamer's attorney Thomas Dickey said after Seilhamer was sentenced he received a letter from a Bedford County Prison inmate stating he was a secret eyewitness to the May 2001 killing Dickey had argued that evidence further showed Seilhamer's friend, Kristin Edmundson, killed Jackson with a shovel rather than Seilhamer killing her with a baseball bat. But Kopriva noted that Dickey never presented the witness or the letter to back up the claims. Dickey also argued Seilhamer's sentence of life in prison plus 10 to 20 years was excessive. Kopriva countered it represented the seriousness of the crime. Edmundson pleaded guilty in January to Jackson's murder and was also sentenced to life in prison plus 10 to 20 years. ___


BEDFORD, Pa. (AP) — A woman has been sentenced to as many as two years in jail for taking her 15-year-old daughter to the home of a man who had sex with her. Tina Guyton, 38, of Riddlesburg, was sentenced Thursday to one to two years in prison for her September plea to sexual exploitation of children. James Robert Hockenberry, 58, also of Riddlesburg, pleaded guilty to statutory sexual assault. He had initially said the arrangement was for a 22-year-old woman, but testified that he knew she was 15 when they had sex.

He will be sentenced Tuesday. Guyton admitted she took the girl to Hockenberry's home, about 90 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, to discuss sex but claimed her daughter stripped naked and began having sex with the man.

Guyton said she didn't want to stop the sex because she feared it could erupt into a fight. The girl told authorities that she feared Guyton would beat her up if she refused. Hockenberry gave Guyton and the girl each $50, but Guyton took it, police said.



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